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Steve & Suzanne Buchele are cross cultural workers with with TMS Global Steve & Suzanne are


Suzanne feels called to help further education in Ghana, a country where less than 10% of the population receive any post-secondary training and only 30% complete high school.  Suzanne is a seasoned educator, having taught computer science and mathematics at Southwestern University since 1998, except for two years when she taught at Ashesi University College in Ghana as a Fulbright Scholar.  Suzanne returned to Ashesi February, 2014 to serve to use her gifts and experience to perform administrative duties at Ashesi.  Currently she is Provost of the university.  Additionally, Suzanne plans to work alongside faculty and staff to foster Bible studies and outreach to the local community, and will assist Steve in his various ministries.  

Ashesi University provides a liberal arts model of education to all of its students, and is the only institution of higher education in West Africa to adopt an Honor Code. Ashesi’s curriculum focuses on critical thinking and ethical leadership, in order to instill future African leaders with integrity and exceptional professional abilities. Ashesi draws to its program some of the top students in Ghana and throughout West Africa, students who might otherwise go abroad and then never return (the “brain drain” problem). To date, over 90% of Ashesi graduates work in West Africa, and in many cases are using their education to transform “business as usual”.  Suzanne identifies strongly with Ashesi’s mission and vision and believes that by using the talents and blessings she has been given, she can do her part to help bring God’s kingdom to a region of the world with many needs - by helping to prepare Africans to transform their regions, countries, and continent.

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